A vision for the future of <em>Families, Systems, & Health</em>: Focusing on science at the point of care delivery.

The authors are pleased to introduce themselves as the new co-editors. They are Nadiya Sunderji and Jodi Polaha, midcareer academic clinicians whose careers have balanced research, teaching, and clinical practice in integrated care. They continue the Families, Systems, & Health (FSH) tradition of interprofessional co-editor teams (Dr. Sunderji is a psychiatrist and Dr. Polaha is a psychologist) and add a new twist: international collaboration. Dr. Sunderji is Canadian, and they welcome the new contributors and readers this collaboration will bring. The authors thank those who worked so diligently to develop a strong journal with a tradition of contributing important work in health care. They thank outgoing Associate Editors, Drs. Douglas Brock and Todd Edwards, as well as outgoing Department Editors, Drs. Ben Miller and Randall Reitz, who served the journal faithfully for many years. They also note that in 2003, Zerhouni (2003) laid out a roadmap for research in the journal Science, using a bridge as a metaphor to explain how scientific infrastructure (journals, grants, training, and the development and dissemination of advanced scientific methods) supports the translation of knowledge from bench to bedside. The authors borrow the bridge metaphor here to discuss the direction for FSH under their leadership. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2018 APA, all rights reserved)