Concept Clearance » Digital Healthcare Interventions to Address the Secondary Health Effects of COVID-19 for Health Disparity and Vulnerable Populations

The intent of this trans-NIH initiative would be to invite research to determine the role and impact of digital health interventions (e.g., mobile health (mHealth), telemedicine and telehealth, health information technology, wearable devices) to address secondary health effects of the social, behavioral, and economic changes following the COVID-19 pandemic, particularly among populations who experience health disparities and other vulnerable populations (e.g., essential medical personnel, emergency responders, and frontline workers in essential businesses or services; people who are residents of chronic care facilities, community-dwelling older adults, pregnant, children, with cognitive impairment or dementia; homeless; incarcerated or involved with the criminal justice system, experiencing substance use disorder or serious mental illness; with disabilities including visual, hearing, communication, or mobility impairment; and the uninsured).