Does physical warmth prime social warmth? Reply to Chabris et al. (2019).

Replies to comments made by Chabris et al. (see record 2018-64901-001) on Williams and Bargh’s original article (see record 2008-16045-002). Chabris, Heck, Mandart, Benjamin, and Simons (2019) attempted replication of the original work of Williams and Bargh (2008). Because replication is so essential to the scientific process, Chabris et al.’s (2019) findings demand careful consideration. To that end, Bargh and Melnikoff situate Chabris et al.’s (2019) findings in the broader literature by providing a summary of the range of evidence bearing on the warmth priming effect, and offer some thoughts as to why Chabris et al.’s (2019) findings diverged from those of Williams and Bargh (2008). (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2019 APA, all rights reserved)