“Journal article reporting standards for quantitative research in psychology: The APA Publications and Communications Board Task Force Report”: Correction to Appelbaum et al. (2018).

Reports an error in “Journal article reporting standards for quantitative research in psychology: The APA Publications and Communications Board task force report” by Mark Appelbaum, Harris Cooper, Rex B. Kline, Evan Mayo-Wilson, Arthur M. Nezu and Stephen M. Rao (American Psychologist, 2018[Jan], Vol 73[1], 3-25). In the article, there was a citation error. In the “Clinical Trials” subsection in the section, “Reporting Standards for Studies With an Experimental Manipulation” (p. 13), the reference to the World Medical Association’s Declaration of Helsinki should be to the 2008 version of the declaration. The sentence should read as follows: From an ethical perspective, the Declaration of Helsinki, which is the set of ethical principles regarding human experimentation developed by the World Medical Association, Inc. (2008), stated that “every clinical trial must be registered in a publicly accessible database before recruitment of the first subject” (Item 19, p. 3). The corrected reference, on p. 25, is also presented in the erratum. (The following abstract of the original article appeared in record 2018-00750-002.) Following a review of extant reporting standards for scientific publication, and reviewing 10 years of experience since publication of the first set of reporting standards by the American Psychological Association (APA; APA Publications and Communications Board Working Group on Journal Article Reporting Standards, 2008), the APA Working Group on Quantitative Research Reporting Standards recommended some modifications to the original standards. Examples of modifications include division of hypotheses, analyses, and conclusions into 3 groupings (primary, secondary, and exploratory) and some changes to the section on meta-analysis. Several new modules are included that report standards for observational studies, clinical trials, longitudinal studies, replication studies, and N-of-1 studies. In addition, standards for analytic methods with unique characteristics and output (structural equation modeling and Bayesian analysis) are included. These proposals were accepted by the Publications and Communications Board of APA and supersede the standards included in the 6th edition of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA, 2010). (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2018 APA, all rights reserved)