Welcome to the tenth generation of our website.  You will find our previous website at Pneumiatry: Ninth Generation.  “Pneumiatry” is pronounced:


“uh” rhymes with “up” and the “h” is silent.  As in the words “psychiatry” and “psychology,” the “P” in “Pneumiatry” is silent.

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Biblical Psychiatry
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[embeddoc url=”https://parent.pneumiatry.com/HowGaysTwistAChildsMind.pdf” download=”all” viewer=”google”]
DSM-UPAX (10.2 MB)

How Gays Twist a Child’s Mind (358 KB)

How Gays Tricked the Supreme Court (288 KB)

UPDATED Pneumiatric Revision DSM-5 (35 MB)

Download Pneumiatric Index DSM-5 (10 MB)

Dictionary of Pneumiatric PsychiatryPneumiatric Psychiatric EncyclopediaDSM-UPAX SummaryDSM-UPAX

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