Review of <em>Integrated care: A guide for effective implementation</em>.

Reviews the book, Integrated Care: A Guide for Effective Implementation edited by Lori E. Raney, Gina B. Lasky, and Clare Scott. The book is separated into three main sections. Part 1 includes three chapters that focus primarily on considerations such as the importance of organizational support and leadership, team development, and culture change. Part 2 is a review of the roles, across three respective chapters, of the behavioral health provider, the primary care provider, and the consulting psychiatrist on an integrated care team. Finally, Part 3 is a broad review of policy and financing considerations, and suggests that the authors are hoping to appeal not only to clinicians in the creating of this text, but to administrators as well. Minor issues aside, this is an exceptional book that functions essentially as a “user’s manual” for the design and implementation of a successful approach to collaborative care. I would recommend this to the leadership and clinicians at any site developing a similar program of their own, as the practical uses of this book are notable indeed. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2018 APA, all rights reserved)