Intermind: The Bridge Between The Mind And The Brain

By Dr. Michael Bisconti


Neurobiophysicists have now established the existence of the intermind.  The intermind is the bridge between the mind and the brain.




Stephen Hawking and other theoretical physicists have established the principle of “quantum sliding.”  Quantum sliding says that the smallest particles of the material universe "slide into and out of the physical universe."  See What Is Quantum Sliding (link not active yet) for an in-depth discussion.  In conjunction with the work of these theoretical physicists, (practical) neurobiophysicists, building on the principles of Super Mind: The Human Psynome Project, have been able to prove that quantum slid particles slide into the mind (the mental dimension of the MiBa continuum [mind-brain continuum]).




The intermind is that part of the MiBa continuum (mind-brain continuum) that connects the two ends of the continuum.  We now know that, at some point during the movement of electrons across the synapses in the brain’s neural net, electron quanta (“components”) slide out of the physical universe then back into the physical universe before they reach their destinations at the other end of the synapses.  During their “absence” from the physical universe, the electron quanta trigger neurocepts (inarticulate ideas [“unconscious thoughts”]) outside of the brain and in the human mind.  See What Is A Neurocept? (link not active yet).  What neurocepts are triggered is determined by the tranfixridic program (see Guide: Proof The Mind Is Not The Brain).


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Including, directly/indirectly, Albert Einstein, Steven Weinberg, Edward Witten, Alan Guth, Peter Higgs, Freeman Dyson





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